An Unbiased View of Adil Baguirov Wedding

six) We all know one hundred% Nizamis mom was a Kurd. His father we won't ever know. And the only thing dependable from Nizami available to us is his 5-ganj. Every other verses beyond this is attributed and never taken to generally be genuine.

Why identify Plainly international Jewish and Christian religions and put the Pehlevi, and that is purported to be the faith of his forefathers, As outlined by Persian chauvinists, on the identical line? It does not seem sensible – it’s similar to Shakespeare crafting that he carried out his investigate in French, Swedish and …. English, and that he consulted Muslim, Jewish and Christian. After we compose our resumes or CVs within the USA or UK, will we truly place English language proficiency on it from the portion of languages?

برنده ره بیابان در بیابان به کوهستان ارمن شد شتابان که آن خوبان چو انبوه آمدندی به تابستان در آن کوه آمدندی چو شاپور آمد آنجا سبزه نو بود ریاحین را شقایق پیش رو بود گرفته سنگهای لاجوردی ز کسوت‌های گل سرخی و زردی

6) Mr. Doostzadeh is just not in addition acquainted with Nizami’s works together with other essential historical particulars as wanted for supplying the necessary context for impartial and non-partisan authorship of articles or blog posts at Wikipedia. Such as, he confuses Shirin since the dauther of Mihin-Banu, and therefore Mihin-Banu as mom of Shirin – while Shirin is her niece and Mihin-Banu is Therefore her aunt, as is evident during the text.

By way of example Ferdowsi phone calls the ruler of your Turks as Khaghan Chin) four) since they are covenant-breakers and may not be trustworthy

I advised to hire the identical strategy right here. Why not stating that he was a great poet, who made An impressive contribution to Persian poetry? That will support preventing disputes. And statements that Nizami had almost nothing to perform with Azerbaijani culture are not fair, see Britannica. So I believe we must always discover some wording, which might be suitable to All people.

Between the herd as well as palace, in two farsangs [an old evaluate of length] You will find there's barrier: Ledges of rocks, As well as in them a channel to rearrange is necessary,

Khaghani even utilizes some Georgian phrases. And Incidentally it is healthier to present a refrence and publish the arabic script Edition off Each and every in the text you assert, and bring the verses. I'll clearly show that other Persian poets might have applied some conditions. Without a doubt Ferdowsi and Nizami use a lot more Greek phrases, but are you likely to get in touch with them Greek. And higher than Greek, they use a lot more Arabic conditions. So be sure to tend not to weave much things in an effort to make promises. The fact is that we only know a hundred% Nizamis mother was Kurdish. Other than that, some manuscripts have built a reference to him currently being from Qom, and this is a 'Most likely', 'maybe', etc.

27) Once again in the key write-up I've Obviously stated that his to start with spouse was the Turkish slave supplied to him through the ruler of Darband.

[forty four] Also You will find there's lot of Iranian nomads as well who use many dairy items. In addition to borrowing food stuff from different cultures has extensive been custom Even though once again Zoroastrianism praises milk extremely as probably do other religions.

10) All over again I make the statement that there does not exist any Azarbaijani Turkish literature before the Ilkhanids from Azarbaijan. Dede-Korkut Incidentally works by their explanation using the phrase Istanbul (a expression close to only about five hundred yrs back) and Farooq Summertime has set it way following Nizami. Its oldest manuscript (and I think there is just one and two) isn't that aged. Dede Korkut contains three hundred Arabic text and one hundred sixty Persian words and phrases which see here exhibits that it formulated way right after. These Arabic words and phrases and Persian phrases did not exist all through 1300 decades ago within the Oghuz language as well as tales of Dede Korkord are certainly completely incredibly different as opposed to tales of Nizami in several respects.

Given that Mr. Doostzadeh regularly displays lack of data and knowledge of Nizami’s poetry – As a result proving Having said that Nafisi was appropriate with his quote to academician Marr – and claims, almost certainly only because of his anti-Azerbaijani, anti-Turkic racism – that “everybody knows Shirin was Christian [and so had to be Armenian]”, below’s an interesting passage from your poem (the verse’s earlier mentioned, in addition to subsequent a person’s, currently proved that Shirin and her aunt Mihin-Banu only could not have been Armenian (Even with processing Armenia as being a vassal territory) and have been Arranian (Azerbaijani) and Turkic, as a result now I may also clearly show that Shirin was not Christian).

Hence, all People accusations about not knowing geography of Iran and the area are foolish and Odd, to say the minimum – isn't Khorasan in Iran? If Khorasan in some cases didn’t belong to Iran – as usually occurred with several areas of Iran which were taken by more powerful neighbors -- will it really adjust something?

«Дело не в том, что закавказских [азербайджанских – прим. авт.] литераторов и ученых было много, гораздо более важным элементом является их своеобразие. Не столько совпадение во времени, сколько это своеобразие является поводом для объединения в самостоятельную группу, у истоков которой, собственно, уже стоит Катран [Тебризи – прим.

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